fearwill fearwill fearwill my fave thing from my…

Whoa that’s cool. Ah yeah I love cons they have a lot of things we can’t get in local stores. Shame there’s not much going in my country but I’ll take what I can get 🙂

some of the stores, like walmart and target, are starting to get their own exclusives.. like i happened to wander into a vender area, grab the only khal drogo (i’ve been looking for 2 years #bless) and then walk off with the last ghost at another booth



fearwill fearwill my fave thing from my childhood…

That’s A LOT and yes they are addicting lmao. Wow computer engineering? That’s awesome! If you do, what major are you going to switch to?

they’re one of the reasons why i go to con bc the rarer ones happen to show up there… and i might switch to linguistics



fearwill my fave thing from my childhood was being…

How many do you have in total? I’d wanna bring them all too if I were you! They’re all so cute! And wow what major are you taking?

i currently have 17 and i want more bc they’re addicting to collect…. i’m currently signed up computer engineering, but i’m gonna wait a semester before considering switching majors



my fave thing from my childhood was being able to…

THIS IS AMAZING aaah look at all those photos and funko pops! Hella cute ❤

thank you!

i have 6 more on a different self, including a majestic looking sirius black posing with his wand… my only problem is that i’m about to go off to college and most of the pops are either exclusives or vaulted and i wanna bring them allll

my fave thing from my childhood was being able to read for hoooours… (p.s. i finished part of my nerd shrine today and I SOOOO HAPPY)


Lmao me too! Not that I don’t read for hours now but yeah. Oh what kind of nerd shrine? Send me some pictures! If you want tho aha.

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You want one?
Blacklist ‘mya does br’ if u don’t wanna see

nerd shrine under the read more, mainly has my pop figures and con stuff and books

How many cats does T’Challa owns?




tips for what to do after a really long cry because you’re probably feeling all kinds of exhausted and drained and i don’t want that for you in the slightest:

  • take a shower and change all of your clothes even your socks and underwear. this is the first step to everything. 
  • pour yourself a big, cold glass of water and drink it. all of it. once you’re done, get yourself a refill. this will boost u physically and emotionally instantly please trust me.
  • grab a snack, something light that you don’t have to wait to prepare. i recommend a pudding cup, a piece of fruit, yogurt, a popsicle, or some crackers. 
  • get under the covers. turn on something – tv, a movie, music, anything distracting. or consider calling a friend or talking to anyone nearby, even your sibling the next room over!!
  • know that you are loved. you are important. you mean more than you know right now, more than you will maybe ever know. you are worth all the stars in the sky. you deserve to feel good. 

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