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Where are you outside Tumblr?


Oh man, with the news that Yahoo has devalued Tumblr, then why don’t we do one of these.

Tag this post with where you’d like to be found outside Tumblr. Just in case.

ex: #ao3: myusernamehere, #twitter: myusernamehere, #dreamwidth: myusername here


sometimes i want a boyfriend, sometimes i want a girlfriend. mostly i just want a friend. and $200,000,000.

the milkshake i just bought had 2 pecans in it… it was suppose to be a regular cookie dough shake, brah


fearwill fearwill fearwill fearwill fearwill my…

Srsly?? Aren’t they supposed to be cheaper at cons? Well at least the cons I went to were cheaper. Yes, their prices supposed to range from $15-$20 at most, and that’s real cheap in target! Dear god we need to have a target or walmart here soon.

the vendor picks the price mostly… like i mentioned before about the two game of thrones pops, one was $15 the other was $11… most people set up a system with buy 2 get one __ or buy 3 for this set price… another reason why some might be so high is bc most people come to con with hundreds of dollars on them to be prepared to buy ridiculously priced things



fearwill fearwill fearwill fearwill my fave thing…

Really? That’s cool! We don’t have walmarts or targets here tho 😦 and the funko pops that managed to get imported are hella expensive, about $50, sometimes more 😦

omg… the thing i find hilarious when i go to con for pops is seeing something i could get at target or walmart or even hot topic for around $9-$13 dollars up for sale at $40+ just because it has a sticker on it that says exclusive… i think at most i’d pay $20 for one

i haven’t had any of my weekly pint of bluebell yet and it’s fucking weird… i need it for the 100+/37+ heat i’m living in…

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